Accessories - G DR King - Sony

If you’re a dedicated vaper, you need all the latest accessories to keep your system looking and operating its best. At ProVape, you’ll find everything you need, including batteries, drip tips, replacement glass tubes, chargers, and tool kits.

As always, our huge selection of accessories is affordable and includes products by leading brands like Vaporesso, SnowWolf, and SMOK. Find what you need to accessorize your vape system and keep things running like a champ.

The Sony brand needs no introduction. We are certain you've been introduced to their products before. As a vaper, choosing the right batteries can make all the difference in the world, and Sony offers the best batteries in the business - hands down!

With battery lines VTC4, VTC5, and VTC6 (to name a few), you will always have the best 18650s at your disposal. Versatility and trustworthiness are two words you can confidently use to describe Sony's batteries and how they power your favorite vape kit.