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If you’re a dedicated vaper, you need all the latest accessories to keep your system looking and operating its best. At ProVape, you’ll find everything you need, including batteries, drip tips, replacement glass tubes, chargers, and tool kits.

As always, our huge selection of accessories is affordable and includes products by leading brands like Vaporesso, SnowWolf, and SMOK. Find what you need to accessorize your vape system and keep things running like a champ.

Dakavape is not just another CBD company. While the CBD market is exploding, it’s hard to know where to turn. Some companies are out there just looking to make a quick buck, while others have no concern at all for the wellbeing of their customers.

That’s not the case with Dakavape. Their three-point philosophy, after all, begins with excellent customer service. Dakavape is famous for their expansive warranty, which covers each of their products. In fact, each of their products are eligible for a full refund or replacement in the case of any sort of manufacturing error. That’s how you know a company stands behind their work!

They also work hard to enforce strict quality control standards. While some of the most famous and respected companies out there have seemingly given up on QC, Dakavape has turned it into the foundation of their entire business model. Dakavape products are some of the most well-built, durable, and reliable CBD vape devices you’ll find anywhere. And, if you have any issues at all, their customer service is absolutely legendary. Nothing brings you peace of mind like ordering high-quality CBD products from well-respected companies who truly stand behind their work. If you’re in need of high-quality CBD products for medicinal or recreational purposes, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better choice than Dakavape.

Samsung needs no introduction. Most of our electronics today are, in one way or another, offshoots of Samsung flagship products. The company began in Suwon, Korea, in 1980, as an air conditioner manufacturer and distributor. And the rest, as they say, is history. Now, as vapers, we get to enjoy the very best of their technology and use their innovations to power our vape devices.

Whether you need a 18650 or a 21700, Samsung has you covered. Some of their best-selling batteries for vaping are the INR 4000mAh 21700 and INR 2500mAh 18650. The list goes longer than that, but the options that are available today give you an unprecedented plethora of choices to power your favorite device.